Here's the magic...I got hired. [Testimonial]

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" Hey Mr Duncan , I just felt the need to contact u after your previous trip to Augusta Tech in grovetown. My name is Keenan Mason and i was unemployed from july till this month. Couple weeks ago i saw a posting on craigslist for an opening at Directv. I had been runing low on money so it was crunch time as far as getting a job was concerned.

I have 3 major bills every month. So needless to say i emailed my resume, then later that day applied in person. Heres the magic. When they called me in for an interview i used all the tips you talked about, including sending a thank you card.

Well it turns out i got hired. And tge funny thing is, they only usually hire females, matter of fact, the last guy they hired was last summer, and he was a ballroom dancer....,.. So he wasnt really a " guy,guy".... It was also brought to my attention tht the reason i was hired was because of my deep interview conversation, and the thank you note put me over the top!

So I really appreciate that man. Hopefully we can keep in touch so I dont lose any proffesionalism. Lol thanks Al. Have a good one bro."


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